Two Weeks To Go!

November 03, 2015 Amanda Naylor Personal 0 comments

Two weeks. Two weeks! Aka, any day now!

I’m surprisingly feeling better now than I did thru this whole pregnancy! I’m so so excited to meet our baby girl, but I’m also SO sad that my first pregnancy is almost over. If I really get to thinking about it- about how every kick might be the last I feel from her, about how she isn’t going to be safe in my womb for much longer, how I won’t forever be able to protect her, I cry. I cry like a darned baby! But I am so so thankful for this wonderful gift of being able to carry a child. Those kicks, the hick-ups, it’s all so amazing. And soon we get to meet her <3

I know our life is now just beginning… that I only thought the last 5 years of my life shared with Michael were the best. The rest of our lives is going to be the best of our lives.

Sweet Addiegirl, I hope you know how loved you are already. How excited we are, and everyone else is, to meet you. We promise to be the best mommy and daddy to you. To live, love, laugh and grow with you. To give you experiences, teach you and guide you to the best of our ability. We’re waiting for you <3








Since Addie’s nursery is still partly my office, we chose to go with a very small dresser! It’s only about 3 ft tall, give or take, but we figured it’ll be perfect for her when she gets to the age where she wants to dress herself!




I’d like to lower the window frame a little, and we’ve got some artwork to still hang above her changing table!


And can we talk about this AMAZING quilt our friend Nicole made for us? All the cakes for cake smashes come from Nicole @ Nicole’s Cake Creations (check her out on FB), and she so kindly surprised us with this beautiful quilt. I was in tears when I opened it!!


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