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February 09, 2017 Amanda Naylor Personal 0 comments

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I redirected my business towards family sessions, maternity, newborns, and seniors. I was on such a high from being pregnant I was like, “forget weddings! Babies are where it’s at! Oh look, cute kid! [sigh] faaaamily <3 <3 <3.. I spy a baby bump! Look Mike, that girl is pregnant too! Look at the cute baaayyybyyy ohmygoshbabyclothes!!!…” etc, etc… And so I got a new logo, a new website, had my baby, was on that “new mom” high and then reality hit me like a ton of bricks.

I am a mom now. I am responsible for this little life. My boss is a baby.

People tell you that being a parent is hard, but they don’t tell you juuuuust exactly Every day normal life comes to a screetching hault, and suddenly everything you do revolves around one tiny little human being. Seriously everything. If your baby isn’t crawling yet, enjoy going to the bathroom alone while it lasts 😉

And with that screetching hault comes a heart explosion. Probably at least one every day. Where you look at that baby and your heart melts.

Did I really create this beautiful little thing? Do I really get to keep her? 

I am so so thankful I’m home most of the time with Addie. I’m especially thankful during times like these, when she’s sick for the 3rd time in 7 weeks… Two of those times my husband got sick and we all know how men are when they get sick 😉 .. This season of life has been tough for us. Figuring out how to be parents, remain husband and wife, still be good friends, work, clean the house, etc.. has proven to be more difficult than we ever imagined. Worth it, but difficult. If this sounds like a whiny blog post, I don’t mean for it to be that way. We are so grateful and thankful to be Addie’s parents.

Mike is a supervisor at his work and so his job is pretty demanding. There is always something to be done around the house and Mike is the fixer of all things. This summer, I had sessions so many evenings that I left Mike with no time to mow, clean rain gutters, fix anything… no time to do all the things a man needs to do around the house and that became very stressful for us. I had 31 sessions in October. Aka archery season. Need I say more? Haha sometimes it can get pretty “every man for himself” around here because we both have so much we need to do and we haven’t figured out how to do it all yet. Finding that balance is hard. I just know what we were doing didn’t work, and it certainly isn’t going to work this year. And as Mike and I went through the same notions all parents go through when they have a baby, we began to realize how important it is for us to remain a team. To work together, to help pick up the slack when we’re both exhausted. I am a firm believer in team work. And as we began to start working as a team, I remembered just how important and special it is to have someone to share your life with. And how to make it through everything, your marriage has to be working. And how important all of that is when it comes to starting a family.

I began to see the beauty in a marriage again.

And so came this shift that I wasn’t expecting.. I found myself enjoying photographing weddings much much more. I think the adult interaction has a lot to do with it haha I spend my days talking to a 1 year old and reading the same books over and over. I got to thinking about the schedule of a wedding photographer. I think the schedule of working Saturdays and fewer weekday evenings throughout the months will work better for our family, and that’s why I decided to switch it all up after switching it all up!

I’m not sure if there is a method to my madness, or if this idea of taking on more weddings and less family/senior sessions will work, I just know that what we were doing wasn’t working.

What this means is:

-I will be photographing more weddings, and taking on less family sessions and senior sessions.

-If I’ve taken your photos before, no matter what the session, I would LOVE to remain your photographer. Even if you’re interested in family portraits!! However, I won’t be taking many “new” family sessions (ie: parents with 2 kids ages 4 and 7 that I’ve never worked with before). Instead, I plan on hosting Spring + Fall family mini sessions, as well as Christmas like always. Those will be announced on Facebook :) … I’m not planning on taking any seniors unless you’re already an ANP family member.

-If you’re pregnant and are interested in maternity or newborn photos, I would love to discuss those with you! I will STILL be photographing newborns because I love all da babies!

If anyone has any questions on any of that, please feel free to email me :)

I’m so excited to kick of 2017 with my first wedding (an elopement!) this Saturday.


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