New Mom Series: We Cried Together

January 08, 2016 Amanda Naylor Personal 0 comments

I stood in the bathroom starring at my own reflection as tears ran down my cheeks. Mike already told me 3 times to get out of the living room because she could smell me and knew I was there.  This bottle feeding thing is much harder than we thought. My plan of only nursing at first isn’t working out so well, but I don’t regret it. 

Sure, it’s going to be hard getting her used to bottles. So hard, in fact, that I stood in the bathroom crying as my daughter cried for me. I cried as my heart shattered into a thousand pieces. I only lasted about 15 minutes before running in to scoop my baby up and hold her in my arms. When she latched, I could sense that there was instant relief even though it took her a good 10 minutes to calm down. I looked down at her, eyes all puffy and red as I continued to cry. I’m so sorry to have had to do that to you, Adelynn. Together we will get through this and I promise it’ll be the best for all of us.

Motherhood has still proven to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We go through day long stretches of slight crankiness and constantly wanting to be held (growth spurts, I think) to days where she’ll sleep all day, and do you know what? As tough as those cranky days can be (because I can’t get anything done), when I can lay her down, I just want to hold her.

And when I go to run errands baby free because I think I need a break for the first time in two months, even if it’s just to run 10 minutes down the road, I look in my review towards where Addie’s car seat would be and I miss her.

And just when you think you’re at your breaking point, that baby looks up at you and smiles like “Hey mama, there you are. I love you.” They love us so much without even knowing what love is yet. Addie is so smiley lately and it makes my heart melt.

How is a woman supposed to handle all this love we feel for these sweet little humans?! Every time I look at her, it overwhelms me! Gosh, she’s just the sweetest little thing I’ve ever seen <3

A baby swing has been our life savor. We’ve had more laundry to do than ever before. We asked for a Keurig for Christmas and it’s literally come to our rescue. We’ve finished way more shows on Netflix than I care to admit. We became addicted to Ritz Toasted Chips. We as in I. Which is probably why I’m still 10lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight haha!

Overall, this second month has been easier in some ways and harder in others. I’m still covered in vomit frequently, but I get smiles now when I talk to her, and that makes it all worth it. It amazes me how much more you love your children every day. I feel like all you veteran moms are like, “ha! Wait til she’s a teenager!”, and you’re probably right but I’m hoping if we do it all right now, it’ll be easy later on.

Things I’ve learned in month 2:

1. Being a parent gets better and better everyday. I now know why fellow parents are so excited when you’re pregnant.. They already know the amazing love that you’re about to feel. Amazing times a millionbilliontrillion always.

2. When your baby sleeps that first night through, it still feels like only 5 mintues, but you feel like you’ve won the lottery. So. Much. Energy… Until about 1pm when you’re dog tired again haha

2.5. You crash at 1pm because you’re up every few hours that night to make sure your baby is still breathing.

3. If you put wrist/ankle weights around your wrists when folding laundry, it makes you feel a little better about the 6 loads you have to fold. Seriously, where does all this laundry come from?!

My favorite photos from month 2 :)






iphone5c 1055

iphone5c 1086

Me and Addie

iphone5c 1087

iphone5c 1097

Jaimie and I have been friends for 20 years and now we can pass that down to our girls :)

iphone5c 1099

iphone5c 1113

“Lady! If you don’t stop taking my picture I’m gonna kick your ass!!”

iphone5c 1140

iphone5c 1149

iphone5c 1179

iphone5c 1186

iphone5c 1200

iphone5c 1201



NYE kiss!



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Opening presents with Daddy





Glad the feeling is mutual <3




Lovin’ the new website?! Me too!



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