New Mom Series: Tomorrow’s Another Day

February 12, 2016 Amanda Naylor Personal 0 comments

Ok guys, before I start this post I want to acknowledge that I said before about posting sessions from the summer that I never got to share! I fully intended on doing that until I watched Katelyn James’ Consistency Course and everything changed. I learned so much about editing that I never knew before that I could throw up. It was awesome. I want to re-edit everythiiiing but there simply isn’t enough time in the day for that so I will pick up where I am currently and that would be Addie’s 3 month update photos, so here we go…

We survived.

We’ve made it a quarter of the way through “the first year”. I’m going to high-five Michael when he gets home. We like to high-five when we accomplish big things.

The third month proved to be very trying and if we’re being honest, sometimes I still have a hard time adjusting. When you go from business owner working around the clock to literally having to stop everything and work around someone else’s clock, it’s hard. We went through our longest growth spurt yet. 10 days of cranky, wanting to nurse 24/7, can’t put her down, waking up numerous times through the night and staying up ALL day. The term “mombie” is no joke. I literally didn’t think I could handle another day, and just like that it ended. When I’m having a rough day, Mike always says, “tomorrow is another day.” and he’s so right. Just because you may have more “fails” than “wins” today, doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be full of wins! Last night she slept like a baby from 8pm til 8am! The night before, not so much.. I remember texting my mom a few days before Addie was born saying how hard it is to be 37.5 weeks pregnant and she said, “Hunny. This is the easy part.”

And if I’m being honest, I really miss my husband. We went from being stuck together like glue for the past 5 years to having this little human that demands all of my attention. Even though we both love each other now more than ever, we definitely miss each other and shows. It’s been very hard for us, maybe more so for me. Now that I’m back to work, figuring out a routine has been difficult too but we’re slowly figuring it out and working together to make sure we each have individual time to get work done and still have time as a family. As I continue to adjust to this new life, I’m thankful to have someone as patient as him to go through this with because I know I’m not always easy to deal with. If you’re a new parent feeling the same way, please know that it’s normal and it’s ok! Just keep working together <3

“And we all have faith, and we all have hope,
But we’re all a little lost in the same damn boat.
It’s a helluva life, yeah, it’s a helluva life.”

But guys, do you know what? Through all of the hardships, being a parent is the most rewarding thing ever. This month, Addie started babbling away, smiling all the time, recognizing faces and remembering things we do together (ie: I go “wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” while I gently shake her legs and booty and she loves it!), grabbing for toys and playing with them, and sucking on her thumb! Don’t hate- babies sucking on their thumb is SO cute to me and she hates pacifiers! I got to WITNESS the first time she reached for her elephant hanging from her jungle gym. I watched her continually bat at it’s legs, listening to the jingle it made as tears filled my eyes. And the other day after a diaper change, she started babbling away at me and I realized we just had our first conversation. I cried, again. I literally cry at least 3 times a week out of pure joy. Just the other day a friend said to me, “I can see the connection you and Addie have now- how in sync you two are. You know just want to do to get her to stop crying…” Hearing that was both relieving and rewarding. I hate to say that days are hard because I know it could be worse.. we’re blessed to have a baby, and a healthy one at that, but some days are hard and some days you feel like you aren’t doing a good job.

I just hope she knows how much better she makes life.

Things I’ve learned in month 3:

1. Communication is best. You need to talk to your partner about the things you’re feeling and ask for help when you need it. I am still learning how to do this.

2. You have to get out of the house. I am first and foremost probably one of the biggest home bodies ever. Normally, I don’t mind not having to leave the house for a couple of days, but when you become a mom that changes fast! Even if you’re taking baby with you, you have to get out. Have adult conversation, have someone relieve your tired arms of baby weight for a few minutes until she starts screaming for her mom again haha

3. Places like Michael’s and Kohl’s have the WORST shopping carts for mothers. Kohl’s carts aren’t even real carts and Michael’s carts are so small you have to put the car seat ON TOP of the cart! How dangerous and ridiculous to not have normal sized shopping carts. I literally had to lug the car seat all around Kohl’s while holding my coat, a shoe boxes and some shirts. I thought my arm was going to fall off.. Mental note, take the stroller if you plan on going to either of those stores!

4. If you can, before bed put your sleeping baby in his/her room for a little before you go to bed. We just did this for the first time last night and I can’t tell you how amazing it was to sit in our living room with just Michael and I with no baby. It was great to spend an hour with just my husband. I think we really needed that and I recommend all new parents to do this!

5. Sleep in the same bed as your significant other. We didn’t for the first 2 and a half months because of Mike’s snoring and his self-diagnosed sleeping condition that calls for him to set 12 alarms an hour and a half before he has to be up and I would still have to drag him out of bed! This is all made up in my head because I’m a woman with all these extra hormones, but I literally felt so far away from him both literally and emotionally when we weren’t sleeping in *our* bed together. The truth is, is that kids DO come between a husband and a wife- not in a bad way, but they do. Number 4 above and number 5 helped me feel better about everything almost immediately!!

6. The dishes, cleaning and laundry really can wait. The snuggles and play time cannot. I have cried numerous times already just looking at my baby and how much she’s grown. And I cry every time I think about how one day, I won’t hear her voice every day… She’ll be busy with her own life and she won’t need me like she does now. It literally kills me to know I’ll go a few days at a time without hearing from her after having her every day for the next 18 years. There’s a knot in my throat right now. I now know why my mom cried as she drove away from dropping me off at college, and why our parents always try as hard as they can to keep us at their houses for as long as they can when we visit.. Guys. Tomorrow isn’t promised. We don’t know how much time we have. Even if we have all the time in the world, the dishes will ALWAYS be there. The laundry pile will ALWAYS be there. Your friends and family don’t really care what your house looks like when they come over for a visit. But your baby is going to grow up and fly away one day and make a life of his/her own. And even though these long nights may be hard, we are going to miss this one day. So hold ’em a little longer, snuggle ’em a little tighter, and give them all the love you have.

3 month updates :)





















Those rolls get me every time <3




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