Kind Words

From Lilly + Joe

LJ (61)

“By professional standards, Mandy’s photography is exquisite, and as an artist myself, her photography covers the walls in my home because her attention to lighting, shadows, color, and composition are beyond impressive. As though her artistic talent wasn’t valuable enough on its own, Mandy doesn’t just capture the details of your wedding day; she captures moments and feelings. Images exist of glances from my husband… us laughing about a joke which I’ll never remember; none of these moments can ever be recreated ever again. They are gone with time. But when I look at my wedding album, which I do often, I’m instantly transported back to the day and how I felt: nervous, in love, excited. It poured rain on my wedding day… poured! The photos, like the day, are unique, special, colorful, and somehow feel warm and inviting despite the cold, dreary reality that was outside. It’s a result of her talent, but also her personality and the caring, inquisitive nature she has for people.”

From Allyssa + Cliff

Churchwell (377)

 “When looking for a wedding photographer you always want someone who will make you and your future husband at ease so you feel natural in front of the camera. Well this task for me is incredibly hard as my husband gets distracted by the wind blowing. Mandy made us laugh, feel at ease, and comfortable getting our pictures taken. She would shout things and make jokes because we as a couple are always laughing and being silly. She read that about us and made us have fun in front of the camera. Not only did she shoot our engagement photos and wedding photos, but she was there to capture my bridal shower. She is a part of our family now. Just looking at the amazing photographs she took and you feel the same rush of love and happiness that you did on that day. If you’re looking for someone to capture these treasured moments in your life Mandy is the only option.”

From Toni + Phil


There is a reason why Mandy’s photography business has completely blossomed since taking the plunge and going full-force into her own business, she is incredibly talented. And I don’t mean the new 20th century crazy editing talented. I mean creative artist talented. Wedding photographers today are a dime a dozen, and their photos tend to look the exact same. But you can ALWAYS spot an Amanda Naylor wedding photo out of the group. Rather than editing your photos to death, Mandy uses her creative eye to capture beautiful moments using natural light and surroundings. She pays extra attention to little details and is so relaxed and calming that she captures moments you didn’t even realize happened. You will never feel staged or “posed” and she always includes her clients input. The fact that her engagement sessions turn into wedding bookings and then baby reveals and family photos speaks for the quality of her work and her professionalism.”

From Alex + John

Shoemaker (508)

“I was referred to Amanda Naylor Photography when I was not able to book another photographer for my wedding. I have to say that was a blessing in disguise. From the moment I sent my first email to Amanda and she responded, it just felt right. I would get so happy when I would see an email from her because she was so sweet and kind. We were emailing back and forth about when to meet in person and our schedules were not meeting up. I remember her telling me when she was available and if I would be ok with the date since it was about a month later. I responded “yes because I know it will be worth the wait!” Amanda is so very patient and accommodates your needs. I remember meeting her in person and seeing her work and I was in awe. Her pictures took my breathe away and my eyes got big with excitement because I know she was meant to be our photographer. Even after booking her and leading up to our wedding, we would communicate like we had been friends for years. Her wedding photography personality is calm, patient, fun, and friendly. Amanda does not show any stress throughout a wedding and always has a calm presence to her. This is a major key since brides can be stressed on their wedding day. Her calmness rubs off on you and makes you comfortable in front of the camera. She is patient when things get hectic and always solves any issues. She has fun doing what she loves which makes any person love her that much more. This shows in her work because the couples are laughing and smiling ear to ear. Amanda is extremely friendly and has a huge heart. Its been almost 2 years of being married for me and Amanda and I will still have long conversations through texts. She truly cares about her clients even long after their wedding. Her photography work is and always will be my top favorite. She is constantly working hard to improve her work and make couples dreams come true!”

From Katie + Cody


I cannot speak highly enough of Mandy. I remember sitting in my chair the morning of my wedding getting my hair done and starting to get nervous butterflies in my stomach. Then, my cousin said, “Katie, Mandy’s here!” My nerves turned into nothing but excitement! My entire morning and day went so smoothly. Without Mandy, this would not have happened. I fully credit the smooth rhythm of the day to her skills. Our family pictures were so organized, and it felt amazing taking photos with my husband, Cody, and being able to have those moments to pause and think, “Wow, this is the best day ever.” The day did not feel rushed; it was a dream. Mandy is so down-to-earth, and I am so grateful to have these photos to look at when I’m feeling down or want to be reminded of my favorite day. I cannot wait to continue to work with her when we are blessed enough to start our own family, and we are so very grateful to have met such a real, selfless person.



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