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May 26, 2017 Amanda Naylor General 0 comments

I’ve seen the topic of social media and professional photos pop up a lot lately, and I wanted to take a second to nip it in the butt.  This will be short and sweet and was written with the best intentions :)

1. Instagramming your professional photos: please, do not add Insta filters over your professional photos. We have worked tirelessly, for years, crafting our “style” of photography, and when filters get slapped over an image, it no longer is a true representation of our work. Every photographer dies a little inside when we see filters slapped over our photos.

Horrible Instagram filter:


I pray every day that people don’t overlook my photography because of how an Instagram filter made one of my photos look!!!! A potential client may look at that and think, “I am not hiring that girl!”, when really my editing looks like this:


Much, much better. I mean, you wouldn’t go to the art museum and snap a photo of Starry Night by van Gogh and slap a filter over it, would you? I’m not a huge stickler of this.. I won’t go chasing you down if I see you post a photo with a filter over it, and I’m not picking on ANYONE! I’m just trying to let you know how it feels for us, on the other end.

#2. Crediting your photographer! You are a part of our story just as much as we are yours! Every time you post a photo, you’re helping our business grow. We grow together and that is such a beautiful thing! I’m a firm believer that if someone wants to know who took your photos, they will ask you, so I’m not asking for credit on every. single. photo. when you post 20 at a time… but maybe the first photo that you post, or the profile photo, or if you haven’t shared one in a while, mention the artist, tag them and/or use some of their hashtags! I had a client yesterday post some photos on Instagram, and she tagged me in the first one, but not the rest and I was TOTALLY OK with that! At least 1 photo from the session has my name on it, and that’s enough!!! I’ve had 2 clients ask me recently, “can we write a review somewhere, anything?”… and if you’d like to leave a review on Wedding Wire or something, go for it! I truly don’t do any marketing with those types of companies because word of mouth is my favorite type of referral, and tagging your photographer when you post your photos is the best and easiest way!!!!

#3. Sharing your photos with vendors… PLEASE let us photographers handle that. We will email your wedding venue, florist, etc.. any photos they can use to help promote them. We all want to help each other grow in this industry! Recently, I was shopping online for my daughter and came across a photo I took on someone’s website. I know I did not give them that photo, and I wasn’t paid by the company for them using it as advertising. There isn’t even any credit as to who took the photo on the website :( so thousands of people are seeing my photo with no idea who took it, and thousands of people are buying the product that’s in that photo.

So there you have it folks, 3 easy steps :)

Happy Friday!!!

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