York, PA Engagement Photographer- Justine + Dakota at Kline’s Run

October 19, 2017 Amanda Naylor Engagement 0 comments

I feel like I start off everything blog post bragging about how sweet this couple is, or that couple is… and it’s probably because I do. But that’s only because all of my couples are the sweetest!!! We had to reschedule Justine + Dakota’s photos once or twice, and they were so easy going about it! Willing to do whatever it took to get a day with great weather! Well, sure enough the back up date we set was calling for rain!!! Gosh, this fall had some weird weather. Upon checking the hourly forecast, we decided to stick with the same day, but bump our session time to the morning and it worked out perfectly!

It’s always a good day if I start my morning out laughing with my clientfriends. Getting to talk to, and learn more about Justine + Dakota was awesome, and learning more about their wedding plans makes my heart go pitter-patter. The first wedding I had at The Booking House was AMAZING, and I know their wedding is going to be JUST as amazing because of how FUN Justine + Dakota are!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their engagement session!

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