It was 19 degrees that day. With the love and warmth shared between Steph and Kyle, you'd never know.

With a beautiful couple, venue ceremony and one heck of a party, it was the perfect wedding it kick 2015 off with!

Enjoy some of my favorites :) (more…)


This family. Oh, this family.

It has been an absolute blessing to have met them.

They have graced me with so many wonderful opportunities... My favorite so far you ask? Being asked to photograph Courtney + D's destination wedding in FLORIDA!!

Within the past year or so, I've become this family's family photographer.

I photographed the oldest daughter's wedding in July, I photographed the youngest sister's senior portraits in 2012, I've photographed a cousin's senior portraits, I'll be photographing the youngest child's senior portraits this summer, and on Saturday, I got to photograph such a beautiful day for the 2nd child. (more…)


Meeting the Rhein family has been a blessing. I first met Lexi last summer and asked if I could take her senior photos. She agreed although she had a scheduled appointment with another photography company. Mrs. Rhein didn't think too much of- that I was someone just getting into photography but agreed to let me come over to their farm. I went to their house and photographed Lexi and shortly after returning the CD I got a phone call stating they loved her photos, had canceled their other appointment and they HAD to have me photograph Kelly & Seth's wedding in July! I quickly agreed and a few months later I found myself being asked to photography Courtney and DeAndre's wedding in Florida this February! Hopefully I'll end up doing Conrad's senior photos as well! I've become their family photographer and their 'hidden gem' as they like to call me ;) (more…)

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