I've seen the topic of social media and professional photos pop up a lot lately, and I wanted to take a second to nip it in the butt.  This will be short and sweet and was written with the best intentions :)

1. Instagramming your professional photos: please, do not add Insta filters over your professional photos. We have worked tirelessly, for years, crafting our "style" of photography, and when filters get slapped over an image, it no longer is a true representation of our work. Every photographer dies a little inside when we see filters slapped over our photos. (more…)


I feel like I start every blog post the same: "I can't say enough about so and so"...

Well, this one is no different. I first met Brianne about a year ago when she contacted me about mentoring classes to learn how to use her camera. I've been following along with her and her husband's journey ever since. Bri started her own photography business ( to help raise money for IVF treatments. Since then, her and Dave have opened their hearts and their home to a few foster care children, and it's been amazing to watch them transform into the new rolls they play.

Bri emailed me just a few weeks ago about wanting an anniversary session for their 4th anniversary. I was thrilled and so excited that she asked me!! Her and Dave deserved these photos after all the love the give to their foster babies. So we talked about location ideas and outfits and set a date.



Monday and Tuesday this week are basically my Saturday and Sunday, so naturally these past two days have been filled with HGTV home makeover shows and baby snuggles. When I got Addie down for a nap yesterday, I decided to just quickly scan through my new inquiry emails. I received an email that literally made my jaw drop and left me speechless.

Surely someone who is bad at math, just like me, counted wrong. "Are my days screwed up? Is it April 1st already?", honestly ran through my head. There are SO many talented photographers in our area, so many much more talented than me- this seriously can't be real. Things like this just don't happen to me! This will probably be a once in a lifetime thing haha... The email was signed with a name, number and requested I give her a call.

So I dialed 'er up and it was confirmed.


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