It was about 5pm when Mike came into the office and asked what I wanted for dinner. I was craving Longhorn for some reason and he agreed to go. With a sore lower back, I finished up whatever work I was doing and we were soon out the door. We enjoyed our meal, joking about how it might be our last night out together for a while.. Our last "date" for the next few months. As we were walking out to the car, my belly felt really hard and I grabbed Mike's hand for him to feel it. We laughed about the fact that I probably ate too much, which was nothing new to us at that point.

When we got home we went back to bed to watch some TV. I noticed that my stomach would get really hard and then felt like blubber. This started around 9pm and I felt no pain or discomfort. The clock continued to tick as I was restlessly laying in bed thinking of our baby and mentally preparing myself for labor. As you get closer to your due date, sleeping becomes difficult, so I was awake all night mindlessly scanning Facebook, Instagram, WebMD (haha), etc... (more…)


They're sweet as can be. So in love with life and each other. It was a strange October day. We had cold weather, wind, rain, snow and then sunshine. It was the perfect storm <3 (more…)


Two weeks. Two weeks! Aka, any day now!

I'm surprisingly feeling better now than I did thru this whole pregnancy! I'm so so excited to meet our baby girl, but I'm also SO sad that my first pregnancy is almost over. If I really get to thinking about it- about how every kick might be the last I feel from her, about how she isn't going to be safe in my womb for much longer, how I won't forever be able to protect her, I cry. I cry like a darned baby! But I am so so thankful for this wonderful gift of being able to carry a child. Those kicks, the hick-ups, it's all so amazing. And soon we get to meet her <3

I know our life is now just beginning... that I only thought the last 5 years of my life shared with Michael were the best. The rest of our lives is going to be the best of our lives. (more…)


We met September 2010 and were dating by October. We were in his old Jeep out near Mt. Rose, leaving Rutter's when he asked me "do you wanna be my girl?"

Two months later, we're texting on my way home from work -bad, I know! I was at a red light, honest! I'm at the light in Red Lion, headed up the hill past Sheetz and the car dealerships when he says, "I bet you'll be a beautiful mother."

(don't ask me how I remember all that, because I barely remember what I had to eat yesterday!)

4 months later, we're kissing in the kitchen of our 1st apartment.

That was 5 years ago.

We didn't really "try" or "plan". There was no tracking, no calculating. That's kind of how our relationship has always been, I guess. We just kind of fell for each other one night and hit the ground running. (more…)


I have been dying to share this session for almost a month now! It was an anniversary gift for Beca's fiance, so we had to keep it under wraps!

Well, their anniversary is finally here and I'm able to share one of my most favorite sessions of all! You'd never believe we shot this in the bus owner's back yard in Hellam! The bamboo made for the perfect touch!

I can't wait to do a family session with them and their own bus one day! It's their dream to buy one somewhere out west and drive it home!

ps- sometimes the parents think I'm funnier than the kids do! (more…)


"I was at the hospital photographing a baby at 48 hours fresh today!"

"Wait! So you were at the hospital for 48 hours taking photos of a baby?! How do you charge for that?!!?!"

"No, no no! (laughing) The baby was 48 hours old!"

The Day After sessions are something I don't get to do very often, but LOVELOVELOVE them! They are a simpler, more affordable option of newborn photos and they are simply the best. If you know me, you know I'm a simple girl. My photos are not super sophisticated- you won't find an outrageous amount of props and set ups in my photos. I prefer them that way. Now don't get me wrong, all the props and stuff sure are adorable, but I like photographs that capture and document people and moments for what they really are with minimal distractions. There is something so timeless about simplicity to me. (more…)


We were cleaning up the day after our wedding when Deb came out to check on us. She asked us the age old question, "so where are you going on your honeymoon?" "Colorado one day!", I replied. Deb continued to tell me how her son was getting married at their ranch out there in June. I jokingly said, "if you need a photographer, call me up!" We chatted a little more and then we went back to cleaning up.

A few months later I got a call from Deb asking about my availability for June 13th, quickly flipping to my calendar and happily seeing that I had the date available we proceeded with creating plans to travel out there! My goodness, what a wonderful experience it was! I'll post more about that another day! (more…)


It was 19 degrees that day. With the love and warmth shared between Steph and Kyle, you'd never know.

With a beautiful couple, venue ceremony and one heck of a party, it was the perfect wedding it kick 2015 off with!

Enjoy some of my favorites :) (more…)


This family. Oh, this family.

It has been an absolute blessing to have met them.

They have graced me with so many wonderful opportunities... My favorite so far you ask? Being asked to photograph Courtney + D's destination wedding in FLORIDA!!

Within the past year or so, I've become this family's family photographer.

I photographed the oldest daughter's wedding in July, I photographed the youngest sister's senior portraits in 2012, I've photographed a cousin's senior portraits, I'll be photographing the youngest child's senior portraits this summer, and on Saturday, I got to photograph such a beautiful day for the 2nd child. (more…)


Meeting the Rhein family has been a blessing. I first met Lexi last summer and asked if I could take her senior photos. She agreed although she had a scheduled appointment with another photography company. Mrs. Rhein didn't think too much of- that I was someone just getting into photography but agreed to let me come over to their farm. I went to their house and photographed Lexi and shortly after returning the CD I got a phone call stating they loved her photos, had canceled their other appointment and they HAD to have me photograph Kelly & Seth's wedding in July! I quickly agreed and a few months later I found myself being asked to photography Courtney and DeAndre's wedding in Florida this February! Hopefully I'll end up doing Conrad's senior photos as well! I've become their family photographer and their 'hidden gem' as they like to call me ;) (more…)

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