I first met Katie's father at my best friend's wedding. At some point, I remember being slightly less than sober, talking to John about his daughter and Steve. I remember John telling me how thankful he is that they found each other, how wonderful Steve is with their boys, and how much he loved his daughter. I had known Steve since high school, so I could attest to how kind he is. I had met Katie a few times before, and thought she was so beautiful and unique... Seriously. I wish I had the guts to rock a full sleeve like she does!!!



When I was pregnant with my daughter, I redirected my business towards family sessions, maternity, newborns, and seniors. I was on such a high from being pregnant I was like, "forget weddings! Babies are where it's at! Oh look, cute kid! [sigh] faaaamily <3 <3 <3.. I spy a baby bump! Look Mike, that girl is pregnant too! Look at the cute baaayyybyyy ohmygoshbabyclothes!!!..." etc, etc... And so I got a new logo, a new website, had my baby, was on that "new mom" high and then reality hit me like a ton of bricks.



Well, now that it's nearly February of 2017 and life as finally calmed down a little, I thought I'd post some of my favorite images from this past wedding session! I'd like to give a huge shout out to the wonderful people who helped me out this year: Jessie Geesey Photography, my main 2nd shooter, and Richard of Richard and Tara Photography + Cambria Creative Photography for helping out as well :)

Reviewing these images has me so excited for my 2017 weddings!!!



At the beginning of December, Jessie and I met early one morning to head down to BWI... Early, like 5am early. This gal is not an early bird, or a fan of flying. But we saddled up and headed down, not knowing how much fun we were about to have. Sweet Anna was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed yeeeears ago and since then we both waited to send "the email" and to get "the email"! :) I love photographing weddings for friends/family of past bride and grooms!

Jessie has been a huge blessing to my business. Her work has progressed beautifully since we started working together and we're really starting to sync everything up. It's so nice to have a friend/co-worker like her... To say we had a blast is an understatement. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.. I'm talkin' full belly laughs, y'all. While in the Asheville area, it's safe to say Jessie and I fell in love with the area. One of our favorite things was how everyone says "yes ma'am", and how sweet everyone is. Once we realized saying "yes ma'am" was a simple sign of respect, not something someone says to you because they think you're old ;), we decided we're bringing "yes ma'am" back to York County.



I always have the most fun shooting weddings for people I've known for a while, and this wedding surely was a good time! The threat of rain kept us on our toes until we ventured outside for photos, realized it wasn't raining, and relief beamed from Toni's eyes as soon as she heard, "the radar is clear." . She had her heart set on getting married outside and so they did! It was a beautiful ceremony with romantic overcast light. Phil's reaction to seeing his bride was definitely the best I've ever witnessed!



 When you photograph a wedding, it's no secret that you hope the bride's awesome bridesmaids call you when it's their turn to walk down the aisle. I first met Meggan almost 3 (?) years ago, she was in a wedding I was photographing. I remember her being bubbly and very helpful throughout the day. Fast forward to just over a year ago, and she pops up in another wedding I was shooting! Again, she was so helpful and kind. And although I didn't get to see any of her awesome dance moves at that wedding, I left happy to see her and hoping she'd call me one day.



Some of you may remember the rain we had on October 8th. Over here at ANP, we had a wedding that day. A beautiful farm wedding, the rain didn't stop anyone from having a great time! Thankfully, that morning I chose to wear my rain boots and take my Jeep. From now on, if I don't need 4x4 to get to your wedding, welllll.. just kidding!



Our cousin got married in September!!

It was a hot September day. The sun was in and out. Family was laughing, smiling, and sweating a little. Matt + Stella asked me to take their photos, and be a guest, so I had Cambria Creative Photography take over after all the important stuff was done! It was so much fun working with her because we have such different styles, but we made it work and got some really great images! Enjoy!



Michael +Erika's wedding was amazing. It's as simple as that! Everything from the tartan details that are Michael's family's colors to the private estate they chose for their wedding venue was perfect. We had beautiful sunlight throughout the day that kissed the skin of all the happy people involved. Jessie + I are so thankful to have been a part of such a great day.

A fun little fact, while on the way to the church for the ceremony, we figured out that the bride and I might, somehow, be related... Mr. Sitler.. My great-grandmother married Jeff's grandfather. So if that means we're related, yay! (more…)


Well. This wedding was nothing short of amazing. I first met Kendi and Derek a few years back for their engagement session. They had plans for school and travel, and said they'd be in contact when they chose a wedding date. Two years later there is an email in my inbox with her name and "wedding photography" as the subject. My heart skipped a beat! They REALLY contacted me?! How exciting!!!

I knew their wedding was going to be the sweetest when they told me about the surprise anniversary cake they had for Kendi's grandparents. They now share the same anniversary <3 seriously, how adorable. It was hot that June day, but the love and happiness radiated from the faces of their closest friends and family brighter than that sun was shining.

After posting a few sneak peeks, I received another email from Kendi saying that one day, when it's time to start a family, they'll be in contact. I believe her. And I can't wait for a trip to Texas for their maternity and newborn photos one day. Heck! It might be a trip to Wyoming, Montana.. Wherever they are out west is fine by me :)

Thank you for letting me be a part of your day. Kendi and Derek, you two are the sweetest of souls with such spunky personalities that keeps those in your presence in a state of constant happiness. I wish you two the absolute best.





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