I love waking up slow. A fresh cup of coffee and when the dogs run into the baby’s room to say good morning. I love when my husband comes home from work on his lunch break everyday and our beautiful baby girl screams “dada!” as she runs to him with arms wide open… chubby cheeks bouncing everywhere. I love pizza. And wine. Wine and music and pizza at the winery is a good Saturday spent with the girls. That’s where you’ll find me if I’m not photographing a wedding! I love Sunday football with our best friends, and I love when Sunday football turns into Sunday dinners in the summer. I love being outdoors, wide open fields and creeks.

I love where this little business has taken me and what it’s given me. From the mountain tops of Colorado to the sandy beaches of Florida, my heart is full. I think back on everyone I’ve met along the way and tears fill my eyes. I’ve met so many wonderful, sweet people who’ve all left a little mark on my heart. Combining such special people and such special moments in their lives forever rocks me and I just can’t believe this is my job.

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